These are the download instructions for users wanting to deploy the free Planner and Community Edition package.

You can access the download here and this will work on any Windows device.  Mac users can find advice on options here.

Step 1 – Registration

Complete the registration, including the verification and then submit

Free PM software

On submission the form changes to reveal the download link (which is also emailed to you for later use if required) a below.

Free PM Software

Step 2 – Download the Installer

You can download the installer from the link as shown above or from the email you have been sent.  Here we are following the first route, which may vary slightly depending on Browser type.

free PM software

Using Internet Explorer the download appears like this in the browser, other Browsers may display this differently.  You should confirm Run to continue. Once the Download has run your security applications may also ask you to confirm you are happy for the installer to add to your system.  You should agree with this.

Step 3 – Installation

Your Community Edition and Planner applications are installed using a conventional Windows installer.  As noted in the first screen you will require the correct version of .NET and also admin rights to install to your Program files.

free pm software

Progressing, you are then required to accept the licence conditions. (these are also available to view here should you wish).

free pm software

Now you need to choose your install location, unless you have good reason we recommend leaving the default drive set.

free pm software

Next you can choose what to install or Upgrade.  If the installer detects existing Community Edition or Planner it will propose upgrades otherwise fresh installs.  You have the choice of installing just Planner, or Community Edition or both.

free PM software

The install Button then runs the installer this may take a minute or so depending on what you are choosing to install.

free pm software

On completion the installer will have provided Desktop shortcuts for your new applications as shown here.

free PM Software

If you require any further help you can contact our Support desk.  We provide full support to these free Planner and Community Edition applications.  If you decide these tools are not for you then you can uninstall them anytime, the uninstall guide here will show you how.