We developed PROJECT in a box to help individuals and organisation to deliver projects in a consistent way and in keeping with a chosen methodology.  As practicing Project Managers and business managers ourselves we understood well from all perspectives the challenges that face the team, the PM and the organisation when people are inadequately supported in delivering their projects.

PRINCE2© was really taking off and its structure and language was being widely adopted so we decided to produce a simple tool to guide users through the methodology.  Users would also be helped with the simple day to day tasks of document production and management. Community Edition was born as a free personal tool to test the concept and has gone on to be  a great success with hundreds of thousands of users in over a hundred countries.  Community Edition is now given out by many PRINCE2 trainers to their delegates.  University degree courses also use it to support the teaching of Project Management.

With the concept proven we released the full PROJECT in a box product (originally called Professional Version).  This built on the concepts of Community Edition but differed in four significant regards:

  1. Was a multi user permissions based secure system;
  2. Provided method flexibility, a set of pre scaled PRINCE2 methods. Users can also personalise or host bespoke methods
  3. Included powerful set of tools. These include reporting, dashboards, Outlook and office integration, project controls (planning, risk, issues, benefits and finances), notifications etc.
  4. Was built in .NET enabling it to be quickly and easily deployed as a feature rich ‘application’.  Also used in a lighter browser mode or integrated by API.

About PROJECT in a box in numbers

PROJECT in a box was first released in late 2005. Since then it has been steadily upgraded and extended to include new functionality. As well as new deployment options and methods.  Commercial versions of PROJECT in a box is now used by well over 1,500 organisations in 35 plus countries.  In addition to the UK there are sizable user communities in the Benelux region, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.  Our continued Free Community Edition is now used by well over 500,000 users worldwide.

The management team at PROJECT in a box are all seasoned project managers. With over Fifty years of Project Management and software experience between them.  Managing Director Malcolm West was the winner of the APM’s Sir Monty Finniston Award in the late 90s.  For developing and implementing innovative methodology and competency/maturity framework improvements with AEA Technology  PLC.