Request a Demonstration of PPM Tools

We know that most people like to do some research into PPM tools themselves before contacting us with questions or to discuss their requirements.  For these customers we provide the most extensive PPM tools resources in the industry including:

Video tours        Over ten hours of quality narrated PPM tools demonstration split into themed sessions for ease of access.

Library              Product information sheets, technical requirements, price lists and other marketing material freely available for you to read.

Reviews             Access to all the published reviews of PROJECT in a box or case studies from the trade press

Knowledge base  Access to technical notes and guidance to give your technical support people peace of mind.

Many of our customers find this information so comprehensive that they simply progress to purchase, either via the On-line store or with a purchase order. We recognise though that most customers at the Small Team and Enterprise Edition levels want to talk about their requirements and see how we can help.  There are two choices for a demonstration:

PPM Tools by Web Meeting

You can join us on a GoToMeeting session which enables you to see our computer with the presentations and software running.  You can even take control of the mouse and keyboard and have a go yourself.  Up to 25 viewers can join each session making it great if you want to involve different offices and teams.  You can also connect your PC to a projector in a meeting room if you prefer.  We can usually arrange these web meetings at very short notice and they can even be out of UK office hours for the convenience of our overseas customers such as in Australasia or the US. We recommend 60-90 mins for a web meeting.

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Face to Face

One of our team can come and visit your offices. To talk through your requirements and give you some hands on experience with the PPM Tools.  If required this can also be delivered as a PPM tools workshop.  We usually recommend 3 hours when delivering a workshop.  This option is reserved only for customers of Enterprise or Live Edition.

Contact us to make these arrangements or of course if you have any further questions about PPM tools or how we can assist you.