Here in one place for you is the latest news on PROJECT in a box releases and upgrades.

PROJECT in a box Releases

First of all, you can find news here on the great new features available in our software.  In addition we provide videos and links to further info.

Small Team, Enterprise  and Live Edition Version 5.3 launched in November 2019

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Version 5.3 of PROJECT in a box for the multi-user Small Team, Enterprise and Live Editions has been launched.  So now you have access to some great new capabilities:

  1. Dynamic Navigation – show live project data and RAGs on your navigation diagrams and finer guide to analysis tools
  2. .piabx extensions – a real alternative to Word for templates.  Now we have also added images, links and also the ability to customise templates under permission control
  3. Property enhancements – new view controlled property form and also process properties
  4. New method templates – A full new set of method templates using dynamic navigation and .piabx templates
  5. Minor improvements – also a range of further minor changes including extended view filters

finally, we have prepared a set of video introductions to the new capabilities, these are available on the YouTube channel:

Intro and overview with slides and commentary (11min).

Exploring Dynamic Navigation (12min).

Investigating .piabx templates (10min).

Property enhancements and new method templates (16min).

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New Method Manager 5.3

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a new version of Method Manager.  With this you can set up your own methods with Dynamic navigation. So to help you around these significant topics we have created a new MM training course.

Overview (24m)

Process changes (41m)

Navigation (28m)

Info Panels (16m)

Finishing touches (28m)

New .piabx Viewer for desktop

We have also launched a new .piabx viewer for desktop. This helps you with viewing and editing .piab files as before.  However now it also supports personalisation and the Designer tool has been retired.  You can find out more about the new Viewer and also access the free training materials for it here.

You can also see the blog for further information on these landmark project in a box releases,