Here in one place for you is the latest news on PROJECT in a box releases and upgrades.

PROJECT in a box Releases

First of all, you can find news here on the great new features available in our software.  In addition we provide videos and links to further info.

Small Team, Enterprise  and Live Edition Version 5.4 launched in December 2020 new PROJECT in a box releases

Version 5.4 of PROJECT in a box for the multi-user Small Team, Enterprise and Live Editions has been launched.  So now you have access to some great new capabilities:

  1. File preview in Windows App – this has been so popular in the browser app that we have added it to the windows app.  For the most common file types users automatically get a preview of the file. Instead of previously having to open it to read.
  2. Quick type additions to Planner Apps – direct in the browser version of Planner and also in the Planner App for windows.  Quickly add tasks or copy paste multiple tasks groups and duration.
  3. Admin forms in Browser app – a whole new set of forms to manage views allow you to do custom analysis in the browser app.  Also Calendar and Milestone displays and task notification admin.
  4. Trend Value Panels now have conditional colouring – the panel colour can be determined by the content of the property, great for impactful reporting.
  5. New Status report – This great new report sits well in the stable of off the shelf reports and is available for you to customise too, if you wish.

finally, we have prepared a video introduction to the new capabilities, this is available on the YouTube channel:

Intro and overview with slides and commentary (23min).

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New Planner app for Windows desktop

Planner is being updated all the time with new capabilities and still provided for free.  Recently it has been updated with the Quick type capability.  You can register and download it here for free.

You can also see the blog for further information on these landmark project in a box releases,