PROJECT in a box is market leading PPM software, designed with you in mind. Project and Programme Managers can access their information using the web.

PPM software accessible from anywhere

Our customers tell us they like our PPM Software because it provides them with Consistency, Capability and Confidence

PPM Software – Consistency

Customers can choose the method to suit their project from the range available.  If they want they can also create their own bespoke method and use that instead. The available methods include PRINCE2, MSP, Agile, Praxis and a range of generic project management methods.

People working on the projects just follow the process steps in the diagram and work on the provided files.  The users can use checkout and check-in to manage the files in the process, or add new files where required. Because of this customers get great consistency in their projects.

See left here for further details, key topics are: Methodology and method customisation

PPM Software – Capability

In addition to methodology customers will find lots of other east to use project tools built in to their system. Extending further the file management is email integration and searching of saved files, making things easy to find.  Users can also use plans, risks and issue tools as well as collecting benefits data for their projects.  Project managers can use the inbuilt report tools to get quick and simple to follow Word reports they can share easily. Senior people can get reports and even dashboards across groups of projects or programmes.

In conclusion PROJECT in a box gives you the tools you need to deliver results.

See left here for details, key topics are: Plans, risks and issues and reporting

PPM software – Confidence

You can control who has access to what parts of your project and what they can do using permissions.  Customers, partners and suppliers can also be given access to the parts of projects you want them to see.  Auditors can check QA status of projects and see how team members have been interacting with the audit trail capabilities. People with a part time involvement in projects find email the notifications very good for keeping in touch. Senior managers who are more likely to have approvals to reply to, can reach these direct from a reminder email.

Because of these tools organisations deliver the changes they need better, quicker and at less cost.

See left here for details, key topics are: permissions, notifications and approvals


We have provided lots more useful info about now PROJECT in a box can help you deliver, look at videos to find out more.