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Overview (24m)

Process Changes (41m)

Navigation (28m)

Info Panels (16m)

Finishing Touches (28m)



Why think of creating a bespoke methodology?

If you have looked through a number of these methodology pages you will have recognised that the range of different methodologies that PROJECT in a box can support simultaneously is impressive.  However more impressive still is the fact that you the user can  personalise these or even create your own completely custom methodology from scratch.  Consequently giving you a unique capability to match your desired business process.

Your PROJECT in a box server can host an unlimited number of different Method Templates.  On the other hand you could settle on a few core scaled methods and evolve these as your business progresses.  For example you might update the processes to be followed, the templates to be used or the reference materials users are referred to.  Many of our largest customers already had a proven project management approach and manual.  But they had been struggling to find a way to add the electronic management, audit, assurance and reporting capability.  For them PROJECT in a box has been a revelation and highly cost effective when compared to the bespoke application development which would otherwise be required.

DIY or Full Service

Many organisations who already have a proven documented Project Management process just want to be up and running.  If that is the case then and we can help by simply creating your Method Template for you.

If you are looking to save money or want to evolve your method from an existing Method Template.  Or perhaps you just want to do it yourself so you own the process, then you can.  So to help you we provide a great tool called Method manager for free which enables you to create a new bespoke methodology or customise existing Method Templates.  A substantial .NET application supported with video tutorials it is a great help.

If you want the middle way then how about getting us to run a methodology workshop where we can introduce you to Method Manager.

So what would you like to do?

What is a Method Template?

The Method Template is the set of instructions PROJECT in a box uses to define a Methodology.  It controls:

  • The number , order and layout of the process diagrams used
  • How your navigation diagrams look
  • Which users see which diagrams
  • Navigation within processes
  • Navigation to application features
  • The particular analysis to open the tools with
  • Which documents to show for each process
  • Which templates or reference links & shortcuts to show for each document
  • Alias naming i.e. Programme or Project, Stage or Work Package
  • Report set up including RAG questions and further data types to include and manipulate
  • Colour schemes
  • Links to guidance materials
  • Permissions models
  • Gate structures and rules
  • Which project data to display and how to format it

So are you ready to see the detail?  You might like the following video tours on You Tube for more help with bespoke methodology:

Overview (24m)

Process Changes (41m)

Navigation (28m)

Info Panels (16m)

Finishing Touches (28m)