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“As well as the huge array of standard authentic methods supported off the shelf, with PIAB you can personalise them and even create your own bespoke methods.  Have as many as you like operating at the same time.  This isn’t tinkering this is true project management methodology customisation.”

Powerful Project Management Methodology Customisation Capabilities

Each time you set up a new project you choose a method template for it.  This defines its process structure, navigation diagrams and templated documents.  The method template also defines project control and reporting data collection, guidance hints and tips, reporting settings and attributes.  Yes, and your method template also controls the linked resources and reference files.  You can even link functionality into your method for report creation etc or display info panels.

This enables you to create many projects to the same pattern to provide consistency to your implementation of a method.  You can have as many of these method templates as you want on your server.  As a result allowing you to set up different starting points for projects of different complexity.  You can do this even in different technical areas or in different languages.

However, once you have created your project from the method template you can still customise it further.  If you have the right permissions of course.  Users often choose to add and remove content to match the particular circumstances within the defined process structure and reporting settings.

This powerful capability is unique in the project management software world.  The question is how you want to use this great consistency and fantastic flexibility.

The method template also controls the live navigation of the project determining which documents are provided in each process or via library and index views.  A template library of blank files is also provided, these templates may be used multiple times .  Your template library is provided live to all projects created from that method template.

Any Methodology you need

With all commercial products we provide a free tool called Method Manager which you can use to modify existing method templates or create your own.  This puts the power in your hands which has dual benefits, you save implementation costs and are in control of your methods so you can evolve them going forwards.

Enterprise Implementations often see highly customised or even bespoke methods. Where often the customer already has a project management process with diagrams and templates but wants to automate this.  With Method manager this is a simple and straightforward task.

To create your own method is a set of template files and resource locations and a navigation background.  Your navigation diagram could be a process diagram, map or aerial photo even…oh and of course Method Manager!

Methodology Customisation just got even better

We keep adding more to what you can do with your custom methods.  now with Version 5.3 you can add Info Panels to your method diagrams.  These allow you to display live project data onto the diagram.  You could think of it like a heads up display.  Users have no need to go looking for status or roles or even the number of overdue tasks.  You decide which properties to display, size colouring and whether raw or turned into RAG indicators.

We have also added to the functionality links.  So now you can link directly to a specific analysis direct from the navigation.  For newbie PMs this sort of support is invaluable.

methodology customisation; personal methods; project management process

You can read more about Project Management Methodology Customisation here.

Product Focus

Community Edition – No ability to create your own method templates or to customise projects once created.

Personal Edition – You can customise process structures and navigation to them as well as reporting set up.  However you can’t set up functionality navigation, permissions or info panels.

Small Team, Enterprise and Live Edition – Full capability as described here, customise methods, create new methods.  Users can also customise projects once they have been created.