We work with many project management software implementation partners worldwide.  You get their, and our support with the implementation of PROJECT in a box. Also our integrated service offerings.  The many partners shown here reflect the diverse regions and business areas we operate in. Also the breadth of use that PROJECT in a box has been put to.  We pick our partners carefully and all will bring something special to their and our customers.

All our partners must be either providing accredited training courses, recognised content providers or experts in their chosen field with a proven track record of delivery.

We are always interested in talking to prospective partners so if you think you have something to bring to PROJECT in a box, perhaps a methodology, or you can see how our tools could help your customers be more effective, we might be interested so if that sounds good we would love to hear from you.

Project Management software implementation partners

We have formal arrangements in place with the following partners and ad-hoc arrangements in some other countries and regions, we have regularly supported implementations in other regions including Asia, North America and other parts of Europe ourselves so if you have any questions just ask.

ANTS, project management software implementation

ANTS are our partner for South Africa and the local region.



prince2 trainer

azybao are our partners for Belgium, France and the Netherlands.


project management software implementation

Dialog are our partners in Australia


Skills sp. z o.o.

Skills are our partners in Poland.


PROJECT in a box Partner Yellowhouse, project management software implementation

Yellowhouse are our partners in Australia.


Partners; project management software

Planing SAS are our partners in South America.


Would you like to Join our Partner Programme?

We like working with partners.  Our core skills and interests lie in producing excellent software and helping users populate it with their methods not in travelling the world supporting project management software implementation.  Whilst we can and do provide training and methodology services we recognise that frequently the best solution for the end users/customers is to obtain these from their existing partners through whom we can provide the technical services required to achieve the required solution.

We bring opportunities to our partners and they bring opportunities to us and this win-win relationship results in satisfied customers and business benefits to all involved.

In a typical Partner arrangement, the partner gets to:

  • Provide our Community Edition CDs to their delegates for free
  • Have several copies of full PROJECT in a box for their own use
  • Associate themselves with our brand/logo and also get a listing on our site
  • Obtain a substantial finder’s fees for commercial sales of PIAB products and services that they make.  Also fees for introductions they make and we close
  • Offer PROJECT in a box product training courses and services once our quality requirements are met
  • Have their offers included periodically in our monthly newsletter to 20,000 plus Community Edition users who have downloaded from the web
  • Have us send a variation of our newsletter to their delegates/contact list if desired (and an email list can be provided)
  • Finally, to have their own Methodology Templates if they wish.

In return we ask our Partners to:

  • firstly, provide details of who they provide CDs to. We don’t contact them it is just so we can understand the market interaction
  • Also, provide their delegates with offers about upgrade to commercial products
  • Introduce us to their customers when this is appropriate
  • Finally, Provide a link to our website.

We are actively looking for Partners at present.  So if your organisation can add something to our reach or capability contact us to get the ball rolling.