For those of you thinking Axelos had forgotten about PRINCE2, you were wrong.  Axelos announced today that PRINCE2 2017 will be coming out in the middle of the year.

This refresh has been long awaited as it was back in 2009 when it was last updated. The last PRINCE2 refresh process was very public and the changes relatively large. PRINCE2 2017 though has largely been prepared behind closed doors.  We very much like what we hear about it so this doesn’t go against it at all.  In fact this may have helped the review team of over 100 keep the refresh focussed on sensible enhancements.

PRINCE2 2017 has a strong emphasis on tailoring and scalability.  We at PROJECT in a box have always been champions of these aspects in the 2009 versions, so it is great to see them expanded here.  Following the prior release of PRINCE2 Agile this update is also of course much more Agile friendly than 2009 was.

Peter Hepworth of Axelos summarized the evolutionary rather than revolutionary nature of this refresh.  Peter spoke of constant change in business practice and also the value of a method rooted in decades of experience.  Axelos as custodians of the world’s most used PM methodology have rightly been cautious in modest tweaks to the core.  Whilst at the same time they have addressed the concerns about inflexibility.

PRINCE2 2017 timescale and transition

PRINCE2 2017; project management software

Users can expect, as with previous Axelos refreshes, a well managed transition period.  The new PRINCE2 2017 manual will be out in the middle of the year.  Exam candidates will have the choice of which exam to take through until the end of 2017.  As previously English will be the release language.  Axelos will announce the plan for manual and exam translations later in 2017. Dutch, German, Polish, French, Danish, Norwegian and Italian are already being prepared.

Find out more about PRINCE2 2017

We will be sure to keep you updated with information about the PRINCE2 2017 refresh as it comes out and about our own plans to refresh our PRINCE2 Products.  For now we would suggest you have a look at the PRINCE2 update pages on the Axelos website here.

You could also check out our latest related post on PRINCE2 exam changes arising from the refresh.

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