In all walks of life productivity is a big issue and people strive to raise theirs.  It seems like project management productivity is a particularly difficult challenge.  Certainly the temporary nature of projects cannot help as it often takes some time for teams to settle into good work patterns.  Short terms decisions can also be more common due to the short term focus of projects.

So perhaps we should never expect the same productivity levels from a project.  However we should still try to improve project management productivity where we can.

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So lets have a look at three top tips for improving your project productivity.

Top 3 tips for improving your Project Management Productivity

1 – Standardize your project management process

To help your teams get quickly into good working patterns use a prescribed project management process.  If you haven’t already developed one you can easily adopt one and we have lots here for you to try.  Having a consistent process also allows you to move staff between projects more easily.  many customers tell us this is invaluable when addressing day to day portfolio management.

2 – Provide self service project management tools

Time is always in short supply so delays getting information can quickly grow into big impacts.  Giving your team members self service access to files, tasks and plans will save time in the long run.  Of course you need to make sure you manage this process securely, giving people only what they should see.  In particular your PMs will thank you for this as it is usually them pestered for inf by the team.

There are lots of tools on the market to help you with this, PROJECT in a box being a market leader.

3 – Automate mundane tasks

Freeing your project team from mundane tasks will save them time, allowing them to address more important issues or deliver the project more quickly.  Your best friends here are software tools that can help in particular the PM with their project management productivity.  Most customers find the quickest and easiest improvements here with automating the reporting process.  Other savings are achieved with communication improvements like notifications and reminders.

Your next steps to project management productivity

So you are serious about wanting to improve your project management productivity, what to do next?

You can download our free project management software tools right now to help you with standardization and automation.  You can also explore the links above to find out more about specific topics.  Of course if you have any further questions on project management productivity just contact us.


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