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You Tube – Resourcing overview– 6 min

You Tube -Resourcing explored – 26 min

Here – Resourcing overview – 6 min

Here  – Resourcing explored – 26 m

Use Planner to resource your plans now

“Giving you the tools you need to manage your resources at all levels of your organisation.  Uniquely allowing you to mix resource data from excel, MS Project and data from other plan files.”

Resource Management built from your plans

Plans stored in your projects contain mountains of invaluable resource data. PROJECT in a box helps you to leverage that and turn it into useful insight.  You just update your plan and check it back in, the system does the rest. All your latest task data from each plans is copied to a central project controls database alongside risks and issues.  You can view your task resourced data using analysis at Personal, Project and Portfolio or Person/team levels, such as:

  • all the demand for me
  • the demand for people matching particular role characteristics
  • a list of unresourced tasks in the project
  • demand across a chosen programme or portfolio
  • …and also many more, you decide.

Your choice of data range and the view control the analysis output produced. The combination of filters and display options is referred to as a ‘View’. Helpfully we provide you with a preset package of useful views.  You can also customise them or create your own and save them for reuse in analysis and in reporting.

Resource Management across Teams

As well as planning displays you can also produce Resource profiles and resource tables – providing a merged picture of the work allocated on all the tasks in the data range, grouped by person.  Task names are provided for you on hover providing you with great interactivity.  You can also change aspects of the analysis including period (days, weeks, months, years) or the individuals or groups you want to display data for.

With all analysis once you have the view you want it is easy to export or print.  Of course you can also include these nicely formatted outputs automatically into your project and portfolio reports at the touch of a button.

Portfolio and Programme plans

Simply add your source plan as a file and list it as a planning source and as a result the database will be automatically populated with the plans data each time a new version is checked in.

Uniquely this system works with Microsoft Project (.mpp) files, Planner (.spn) files and plans built using our free excel template supporting your large and small projects alike as well as providing you with an amazing level of capability without needing to purchase Microsoft Project.  Simply load your .mpp file to your project and it will be visible to work on also to report on and share with team members.

Simple administrator forms present a list of all the resource names extracted from your collection of plans and you simply assign the name from the plan to a PROJECT in a box user account.  Consequently users can see their resource profile and a list of allocated tasks.

So you want to find out more about resourcing?

 We have prepared two new videos covering this important area. An Overview and also a more detailed exploration.  The Overview is slides and discussion making it a simple intro.

If you don’t like you use YouTube you can also see it here on our website.

We know many of you like to know much more therefore here is the explored video.  This gives you the same intro and then goes on to demonstrate it.

Again if you don’t like YouTube you can also see it here on our website.

Product Focus

Community Edition – User stores plan as a file In the project, no resource management capability

Personal Edition – Basic plan and Gantt display into reports, no resource management capability.

Small Team, Enterprise and Live Edition – Full Planning and Resourcing as described. Providing a team with a valuable capability at a fraction of the price of the alternatives.