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Bring consistency to your idea management

Idea identification and selection can be a real headache because of inconsistent data. Because every user with an idea wants to promote its benefits and hide its challenges.  You can protect against this with the idea management process due to the way it collects data on each idea.

The owner of each idea fills in a standard form so you have the key core data.  Any users will access to the idea can also add supporting evidence to help make the case.  All your ideas can be grouped into a hopper so you can keep an eye on progress with them using the auto generated stats.

Promote your idea into a project for delivery

You can use the collected data and evidence to compare ideas and choose which ones you want to carry forward for delivery.  PROJECT in a box provides a set of reports to support you in this process. When ready you can set the projects as Provisional, Approved or Rejected.

Projects you have approved will then turn into a 4 step generic project.  You can then assign a PM and the project can run as normal.

Making the idea management process your own

We have provided a standard off the shelf idea or demand management process similar to that used by many customers. Of course you my have some different data you need to use in your process.  With PROJECT in a box you can do that easily.  You can make changes to the idea form and to the data used in reporting without resorting to coding.

We have provided a video of the idea management process in operation.  If you can access YouTube you can see it here, and if not direct from this website here.