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This site – Collaboration explored (27m)


“project collaboration can be difficult to get right, so having the best tools available will be huge help. Team members find the experience rather like their social media platforms with threads and notifications”

Project Collaboration for everyone

You will need a team if you want to deliver, as it is rare you can deliver a project on their own. Unfortunately getting people to work together well in teams is never as easy as you would like. As project manager you can therefore be struggling.  You may find it a challenge to get your team to communicate and to document their decisions.  Teams, especially during their forming and norming phases can find it difficult to resolve discussions and reach agreement.

You will need help with these challenges and that is what the collaboration threads tool is here to do.

As project Manager you can create threads for the topics that need discussion and agreement within the project. Any of your team members can access the threads to see the developing discussion from their browser or windows App.  Furthermore team members can then add to the discussion with their own thoughts.  All users can also sign up for notifications on a thread.  If you are familiar with Facebook you will find the notifications work in a similar way.  Your email arrives showing you the last thread input and giving you a link so you can read more or reply.

Collaboration threads replacing email discussions?

As your multiple threads grow and store this important project history you can manage them.  You can close or hide them and create new ones.  All the time PROJECT in a box will be indexing this content for you. So when you search your project for keyword content you will get results from your stored files as well as your threads.

You can also link your thread to a file in the system, perhaps the business case, to support users discussions around how that file is to develop.

So although PROJECT in a box supports great email integration these tools may help you replace email in many cases.

Product Focus

Community Edition – No project collaboration threads.

Personal Edition – No project collaboration threads.

Small Team , Enterprise and Live Editions – Full collaboration thread capability as described above.  You can access these capabilities from the Windows App and also the Browser App.

You can also see the video here on YouTube.