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“Manage your documentation project approval as a formal process, with voting and discussion, management via notifications and web forms.  Results written into the audit trail for posterity”  

Structured Project approvals process

The PM or another high permission user controls the Approval process.  The Approval owner selects the list of users to be invited to the approval process.  The approval applies to a particular version of a file held in the project.

The contributors are then invited to participate by email with a link.  A list of the approvals they are involved in both in the Windows App and Browser App.  The user can view the file and see its history and the comments and votes of the others included in the process. Once satisfied they can cast their own vote to Approve, Approve with comments, Abstain or Reject the approval.

The owner can change those involved in the approval mid process.  All user comments and such changes will be logged by the system.  The owner closes the approval process when they are ready.  The file status: Approved, Approved with comments or Rejected, and all the supporting votes and comments are then written into the audit trail.   Users interested in the file will now always be able to see this information.

Users can still self approve a file using the check in and self approve mechanism if they wish.  However using this multi user approval there is no need for check out and in.  For users of tablets and smart phone devices without a file management system, like iPads and iPhones, this is a great advantage. With a single link to open the approval direct from an email it is very easy to get management buy in to the approval process.

Managing the project approval process

As the manager of an approval process you can set the type i.e. Board approval, customer approval etc.  The List view gives you full stats on your active approval requests. You can see who has voted, who is left to vote and also what the votes were.  Notifications also keep you updated with the progress of the approval through its steps.

You wind this so much easier than trying to get the illusive signature from the busy senior manager.  Great for the manager too, who can now check the file, comment and approve from their IPad, perfect!

Product Focus

Community Edition – No project approval process capability.

Personal Edition – Self Approval on check in only, Personal Edition doesn’t support the multi user project approval capability.

Small Team, Enterprise and Live Edition – Full capability as described here.