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“Providing your PMs and PSO people with the project governance tools they need to assure delivery of work packages, projects, programmes and portfolios.  Providing the transparent picture you need to be confident about delivery”  

Project Governance & Portfolio Assurance

Project Assurance is an essential part of the checks and balances that make methodologies work and always near the top of the list of concerns of senior management ‘how do I know projects are doing what they say they are?’.

In practice it often doesn’t get done well because it is difficult.  PIAB provides a great set of tools to help you or your teams with assurance activities.  Central to this is the collection of usage and version information which the system does automatically providing detailed recent activity/audit trails for each user and the ability for administrators to search for particular actions/activities within this.

Detailed assurance reports on key management products like Plans tell the user all about access and distribution of the content but this is most valuable when provided at a project level or multi project showing the status of all management and specialist products helping identify which require further investigation. The reports can include records of the approval processes undertaken on particular versions of the file.

For the PSO the ability to find out how frequently key products like risk registers are being updated and used across all projects is very valuable in identifying areas of best practice and enabling targeted interventions at possible failing projects.

Finally, your project and document status flags can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation consequently enabling you to state things in language everyone understands and to easily report on these.

PMO and your Project Governance

These powerful tools of audit trails, notifications, reporting and dashboards make it much easier to keep on top of the performance of projects and programmes and satisfied that you are delivering what you intend.

Searching for an answer

Searching is possible on all commercial Editions of PROJECT in a box.  On Personal this is limited to the ability to search the notes associated with each file.

All files are indexed on the server in PIAB Multi user versions.  Word files etc automatically but depending on your server set up this can also index emails and PDF documents.  You can then search for keywords within the versioned files themselves.  The results are shown once filtered for permissions and indicate which versions of a file the term was found in.  You can determine by search when a term, value,reference first started appearing and who introduced it. Therefore this is invaluable for post project review or gate reviews. 

Product Focus

Community Edition – You just get the file version history because no user details are collecteed.

Personal Edition – File version history and searching on file notes.  The basic version of Project Assurance report is also provided although it has less information available. 

Small Team, Enterprise and Live Edition – Full capability as described here.