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after struggling for a long time with various ways to co-ordinate and control everything – PIAB came to my attention. I just wanted to commend the folks at PIAB for a great product that delivers the core of what I need, at an affordable price.Jeff, PM Building services

PRINCE2© made easy

Personal Edition is the perfect companion for the Project Manager with PRINCE2, Agile or generic projects as a contractor or a lone PM.

The system provides you with the project methodology broken down into bite size pieces as recommended in the manual, just as in Community Edition but now you can do much more with your project documentation:

  • Scale or tailor the method for each project by adding or removing documents at both project & stage
  • Store searchable notes and to do lists against files
  • Distribute files easily by email direct from the file explorer
  • Use Planner and the extended template packs for more sophisticated risk, issue, quality and finances management

Personal Edition also provides you with additional methodologies to use including generic pre-scaled methods which are perfect starting points for your smaller or less complex projects or PPP for proposal preparation or tender response.

With Personal Edition we also provide you with access to Method Manager, your own tool for editing or creating Method Templates.  With this you can personalise your standard methods so every time you create a new project it is how you want it including control of process diagrams, structure, templates and branding.

Personal Edition – Portable projects of course..

With Personal Edition you can take your projects with you as the software is a .NET portable application.  This means that you can load it on to a USB stick and move around between computers taking your project environment with you.  All the host PC needs is the .NET framework. Therefore you won’t even need to have admin rights on the PC. So for you consultants working away on a customer’s site this is a great help.

Of course if you want to do a conventional install to program files on your PC or laptop you can do that as well.  If you are a Mac user all is not lost as you can run Personal Edition on Parallels.

Project & Portfolio Reporting

Personal Edition provides you with the ability to generate a comprehensive Project Reports. In addition you can produce a Poster report from the data held in your documents in seconds.  These reports include data from finances and plans and the standard project controls. In addition they merge with status, commentaries and other sources into Word or HTML formats for you to distribute or publish.

You can group your projects into different portfolios to help organize yourself.  Your Portfolio report will then bring together the data  from the projects in your Portfolio.  Therefore a single output report irrespective of whether the projects are PRINCE2, MSP, DSDM Atern or your own bespoke methods.