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“You decide which Notifications you want to receive based on rules. When you need to know the system and then emails you to let you know something has occurred. Perfect for the busy Project Manager or a monitoring PMO.”  

Notifications for Tasks, Risks, Issues and document changes

Notifications are the perfect tool for keeping you in the picture about activities within your project.

Project Managers and other users define the conditions they are interested in.  PROJECT in a box then sends the resulting notification emails.  We can send the email to the person who set the rules up or also to other recipients as required.

You can receive two types on notifications:

  • Changes to files, documents or approvals
  • News on tasks, risks or issues relevant to you

Your notification emails will provide further details of the event.  Your email also contains a direct URL link to the document in question.  Consequently you can immediately examine further if required.

Your notification can also be about tasks, risks and issues, i.e. project controls.  PROJECT in a box allows your notification rules to be quite sophisticated, for example:

  • look for conditions associated with plan durations, start and end dates, % complete.
  • look for names of allocated resources, text content of task, project etc.
  • look for risk an issue conditions, levels and statuses.
  • look for freshness of data, days since creation or last update.

PROJECT in a box checks your notification rules at a set frequency against latest information held. Your notification email will summarise your late tasks, or things due to start that day or any other rules triggered.

PMO and Admin support

This capability is invaluable for the busy PMO/PSO who can be informed automatically of significant updates, changes or delays on a large number of projects and then prioritise which ones to follow up first.

In addition the system administrator can designate a master notification recipient who can ask to be informed about any occurrences of specific actions in the system such as the addition of a new project or deletions of content from projects.

These tools help busy PMO/PSO and project administrators leverage their valuable resources.

Approval owner can push information and reminders out to those involved using a similar approach.  Users get an email with a link, perfect for senior users.  Following the link allows users to access the approval content immediately.

Product Focus

Community and Personal Edition – We do not support Notifications here.

Small Team, Enterprise and Live Edition – The full level of Notification capability as described.