Project Management Software Videos

These Tours give you a great introduction to PROJECT in a box via Project Management software videos. You can view the whole set or jump around picking on the topics which interest you the most. If you would rather have a quick introduction to what PROJECT in a box is all about then here we have the brief 4 minute overview or the more complete 28 minute introduction to PROJECT in a box.

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Our You Tube Channel is now the home of all our latest video content.  This is very popular with many subscribers.

We also provide some of our older video content here below.  The project management software videos here are provided as Windows streaming media files and are checked regularly.  If you have any problems viewing them please patch your Media Player.  

PRINCE2 in Practice

PRINCE2 in Practice Intro (7m) First of all a review of the options to implement PRINCE2 as an individual. – NEW
PRINCE2 in Practice – Free (10m) Your most popular starting point free tools, see how they work. – NEW
PRINCE2 in Practice – £15 (8m) See how you can use the PRINCE2 Method Template in addition to the free tools. – NEW
PRINCE2 in practice – £124 (11m) Finally upgrade your tool to Personal Edition for PRINCE2 reporting and tailoring options. – NEW

General Interest topics

PIAB Overview (4m) Introduction to PROJECT in a box (NEW)
Why simple dashboards are okay (20m) Your guide to dashboards
Why simple reporting is okay (12m) The guide to reporting made easy
Why simple tools are okay (9m) Our guide to free simple to use project tools
Why simple methods are okay (10m) The highly popular guide to integrating light and traditional PM methods
Overview of Methodologies (19m) Walk through the standard methodologies provided

Multi user topics

Version 5.1 Intro (13m) Intro to new version 5.1 features slides and discussion – NEW
Version 5.1 part 1 (16m) Browser interface navigation, preview panes and layout – NEW
Version 5.1 part 2 (16m) Exploring .piabx files as templates and GDPR help – NEW
Version 5.0 Intro (21m) Intro to new version 5.0 features slides and discussion
Version 5,0 part 1 (8m) Collaboration threads, search and browser drag and drop
Version 5.0 part 2 (25m) Multi Portfolio reporting and Idea management process
Version 5.0 part 3 (14m) Issue impacts and Planner App capabilities
Version 5.0 part 4 (14m) Calendar, Milestone timelines and Planner live in the browser
Version 4.4 Introduction (5m) Intro to new version 4.4 features slides and discussion
Version 4.4 Browser (11m) Demo of new 4.4 features on the browser interface
Version 4.4 Plan Dependencies (12m) Plan inter dependencies for improved portfolio management
Version 4.4 Other (9m) Demo of the other new features in V4.4 including batch file additions
Version 4.3 – overview (15m) Intro into all new 4.3 capabilities slides and discussion
Version 4.3 – browser (15m) Demonstration of new browser app, plan editing, admin & more
Version 4.3 – properties & other (26m) Demo of new properties elements, portfolio rules and more
Live Edition (8m) Introduction to Live Edition – SaaS version of PIAB
Version 4.2 overview (10m) Overview of the new 4.2 capabilities in EE and STE.
Version 4.2 -properties (26m) Property model, charts and much more
Version 4.2 – other new (28m) Reporting to Word, new methods and benefits management
Multi-user version 4.1 (27m) Additional features in STE and EE version 4.1.
Browser on tablet (9m) Video of Browser interface in use on a tablet.
Small Team and Enterprise Edns (23m) Functionality and costs for Small Team and Enterprise Editions
Overview of Methodologies (15m) Walk through the standard methodologies provided
Document Management (23m) Exploring file and doc management within projects and programmes
Assurance (13m) Audit and assurance, quality etc associated with projects
Risks and Issues (18m) Risks and issues at the user, project and portfolio level and reporting
Financial Management (17m) Choices for collecting, analysing and reporting on finances
Reporting overview (4m) A brief introduction to reporting with PROJECT in a box (NEW)
Reporting explored (26m) Data used in reporting and the types of project, programme, portfolio and assurance reports which are produced (NEW)
Emails and Notifications(20m) Sharing content by email, saving emails into the system and notifications with links generated by the system to your rules
Permissions (14m) Controlling who had access to what in the system
Browser App (16m) Accessing and working on your content from a browser on an device, document management, reporting, dashboards and analysis
Plans and Resources (22m) Collecting task and plan information, sharing it, reporting on it, analysis and notifications.
Approvals (16m) Managing formal multiuser voting approval processes for your content
Method customisation basics Basics of process structure and navigation
Method Customisation Advanced Reporting and properties, colours and context sensitive navigation
Method Customisation with Stages Including stages in the method and using different stage types


Planner 5.0 Intro (7min) Quick introduction to planner capabilities NEW
Planner 5.0 Part 1 (14min) Calendar, Milestone timelines and colouring of Risk ratings NEW
Planner 5.0 Part 2 (13min) Status, commentary, progress and other stats generated for you NEW
Planner 3.1 Overview (10.00) Quick introduction to planner capabilities
1-Introduction (16.00) Summary slides for the functional areas as a course introduction
2 – Administration and new file (12.00) password locking, set up and working with a new file
3 – New tasks (7.00) creating basic new tasks
4 – Task Resources and Costs (13.00) completing task information including costs and time
5 – Copying Tasks & Summaries (9.00) copying tasks and groups of tasks, summaries and collapse/expand
6 – working with views (13.00) Using Views and changing display parameters
7 – Editing and saving views (14.00) modifying and creating your own views
8 – Sharing tasks (11.00) using right click and complete export
9 – Adding a new Risk (8.00) creating new risk and rating it
10 – Updating risk and responses (7.00) managing a risk once created
11 – Risk Analysis (7.00) risk views and charts
12 – Sharing Risks (8.00) right click and import/export arrangements
13 – Managing Issues (9.00) creating and updating issues
14 – Issue Analysis and Sharing (10.00) charts and views for issues and sharing arrangements
15 – Printing (7.00) print options and printing formats
16 – costs and administration (14.00) Cost management budget and timesheet, resource management
17 – RAID and % complete (10.00) RAID capability, % complete calc changes and guidance

Community Edition

Community Edition (27.00) Full tour of navigation and file management in 2.2.2
Atern in CE (16.00) See how Atern fits into Community Edition
Praxis in CE (15.00) NEW – See how Praxis fits into Community Edition

Personal Edition

Personal Edition v3.1 Upgrade (6m) Brief overview of upgrade to Personal Edition 3.1.2
Personal Edition v3.1 (25m) Full Tour of the current version of Personal Edition
Personal Edition 3.0 (9m) All new fully portable Personal Edition

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