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“Reflecting its popularity  in many market places and with Multinational organisations all the Editions of PROJECT in a box  offer interface language choice.  So you can be multi lingual even within one project.”  

Interfaces and Methodology

When we think about the multi Lingual capability of PROJECT in a box there are two areas to consider that of the interface (the application and buttons etc) and the Methodology (templates, process diagrams and guidance hints).

The Methodology in the form of the Method template can be modified by a customer to be what ever they wish can can be shown be translated into any language either by the customer or by us as a service.  In fact this is something widely done by many customers already who replace standard templates and diagrams with their own versions.  Community Edition customers do not have access to personalise their method templates (which are locked) but we are working with a number of Partners to produce different language methods which will then be provided for use on Community Edition.

The Interface uses a language file which is a language look up file, a number of different ones can be provided with the application allowing different users to switch their interface to a preferred language. This will switch the application to the different language including menus, forms, buttons etc.  This approach means that different users can use their preferred language in the same system.

We can already provide method templates and language files in a number of languages and have more in production, please contact us for a list, to check on translation progress or to request a language to be added to our list.

Implement Multi Lingual interface yourself or with our help

Because this approach is so simple any user can create their own language file to change the interface language.  Community Edition, Planner and Personal Edition all support this approach.  You can create your own and share it with your colleagues if you want.  We already have a number of these available which have been provided by our in country partners and more on the way.  You can download the one to suit you from the knowledge base today.

If we don’t have one for your language don’t worry.  Because with the translation tool you can create your own language file, it is very easy to do.

Finally, if you are a Small Team or Enterprise Edition customer broadly the same principles hold true.  You can create your own translated method templates or language files using the kit we provide.  Then to use and share them you will need to be an administrator or have a high permissions level.

Product Focus

Community Edition – Supports Interface language files, translated methods can also be packaged on request.

Personal Edition – Supports Interface language and users can also translate their own method templates if required.

Small Team, Enterprise and Live Edition -These have interface language file support which extends into reporting and notifications.  French and Dutch languages are already available.  You can create your own additional language packs.  PIAB translation features provide a fully immersed locale capability with your translated methods fitting into the interface seamlessly.