Managing Successful ProgrammesManaging Successful Programmes

Managing Successful Programmes; PPM software

“Overall it [the MSP® Method Template] is a useful addition to the armoury of the programme office team.  It would provide a good basis on which to develop the documentation for a programme” APMG reviewer

Managing Successful Programmes

Managing Successful Programmes or MSP in it’s short form is the recognised standard for programme Management.  MSP is owned by Axelos and provided for you under licence.  Axelos also own PRINCE2® and MSP is often seen as the next step up from PRINCE2.  Both for organisations and individuals.

PROJECT in a box is unique in being able to offer you both MSP and PRNCE2 licensed content. Therefore enabling you to manage and deliver your programmes and projects with confidence.

We licence the entire MSP 2006 manual and provide almost all of it within our MSP Method template. Your content includes the usual process diagrams as well as an extensive practical set of templates and guidance materials.  You access this material via the processes, principles and themes to help keep your practice authentic.

PROJECT in a box lets you personalise the methodology and guidance to suit your business process, culture and terminology.  Your MSP Method template is standard with Enterprise Edition and also available as an add on for Community Edition, Personal Edition  and Small Team Edition.

You pay just £75 to add MSP on to Community Edition.  Consequently users find this very popular as a study aid to support their MSP study.

Live linking Managing Successful Programmes with PRINCE2

PROJECT in a box provides users with a unique environment for project and programme interaction.  Your programmes and projects all exist in the same system and on the same server.  So your content can be linked together, whether it was originally created in the project or the programme.  Your document sharing, reporting, notifications and also other activities therefore become much simplified.

Users can share live share documents between their projects and programmes.  So your key programme docs like Benefit Register can also exist in your underlying projects.  Furthermore you can set your notifications so that individual PMs are automatically notified of changes which they can then view.  Similarly the Programme team can have live access to the risk logs, plans, finances in fact any document of each (or particular) projects to keep information flowing smoothly.  Of course all managed by permissions.

Product Focus

Users purchase the MSP Method Template to use with Community Edition or Personal Edition for just £75+vat. Take it with you as a handy portable managing successful programmes reference.

Purchase the MSP Method Template for use on Small Team Edition or Live Edition for just £500+vat and give your whole team access to the managing successful programmes materials if you wish.

MSP Method Template is provided as standard as part of the Enterprise Edition server helping your organisation deliver managing successful programmes with confidence and assurance.