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“Providing simple easy to use integration tools building on universal technologies.  Integration with Office environment  and supporting URL links in and out of the system.”  

Working with Existing Systems

PROJECT in a box enables you to work with your existing tools and systems and encourages you to link or upload content rather than to replace it.

As you can continue to use word, excel and other documents within PROJECT in a box we have integrated into office to give you auto updating filenames and the ability to use doc properties to auto update content in your word docs and xlsm files. The .NET software client also supports drag and drop for ease of use.

Outlook integration goes further with creation of Outlook messages direct from the .NET software client and an Outlook toolbar which helps you get returned files checked back in quickly and easily.

The key integration tool though is the use of links which we support both incoming and outgoing content.  You can store either URLs or Windows shortcuts as pseudo files in your project so when a user clicks they are taken to the destination.  These links can be built into your personalised methodology so you can always direct users to particular resources or added tactically to projects by the team.

In coming links are also supported, the system can give you a direct link to the current file which you can use in another document or on an email so the user clicks outside PIAB and (if they have permissions) they are given the file to view.  These links are automatically provided in user Notification emails enabling the user to quickly view the updated material.  This approach is also used in the report Publishing capability.

SharePoint Integration

You can integrate Small Team and Enterprise Editions with SharePoint.  You achieve this by using the SharePoint site as a host for parts of the PIAB Browser App via a webpart.  If SharePoint and PIAB are both using Single Sign On through Active Directory, then  movement between them is seamless for users who have permissions on both parts.

Team members who are already familiar with Sharepoint can access their projects this way instead.  Providing users with a familiar gateway makes it easier to engage them into more structured project management.

If you also require integration into EPM or Project Server this can do it for you.

Product Focus

Community Edition – User can add outbound URL link files.

Personal Edition – User can add outbound link files and can include these in personalised methods.

Small Team, Enterprise and Live Edition – Full capability as described here.  Users will need to have a licence to access files via in bound links or on a SharePoint Integration.