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The same capability and the same flexibility as Enterprise Edition on-premise but instead as a SaaS delivery, get it where you want, when you want and for as many users as you want

On-line Project management software delivered via the web

Live Edition sets new standards in PPM with the highly popular and cost effective capabilities of Small Team and Enterprise Edition in a SaaS model. So all you have to decide is how many users you want and leave the rest up to us. Your on-line project management solution will be there to support you.

With both pure Browser and Windows App choices you can access and work on your projects from any device or computer anywhere 24/7.  Making Live Edition a cloud solution designed for the real world. Your perfect mix of easy from anywhere browser also backed up by sophisticated App for the administrator gives everyone what they need.  The Browser app is platform independent so you can use it however you want.  Live Edition Desktop App is a Windows 10 32 and 64 bit compatible application.  You can also use the App on older Windows versions.

Best of Both worlds

Live Edition gives you a standardised platform, great service and ‘always on’ availability levels.  Also you won’t be constrained into having the same formulae as all other customers:

  • you can still choose, personalise and even create your own bespoke project methods
  • and you can still set your own project properties data models for dashboards and reporting
  • also you can still alter and create custom reporting templates and saved report designs

So now you don’t have to weigh up On-premise to customise or on-line for ease.  With Live Edition you can have both.

Full Service package included free

Unlike other SaaS providers our prices include on-boarding, basic training, support and helpdesk.  And should you want to leave we also include free off-boarding for you.  This leaves you free to concentrate on delivering your projects, programmes and portfolios.  And of course enjoying the savings you made by choosing PROJECT in a box Live Edition.

Here are some on-line project management benefits to delight your Projects:

  • Quick set up off-the-shelf
  • Easy to adopt using the tools that users know well
  • Instant projects using the unique Method Template approach
  • A single repository for information provides consistency and saves time
  • Generates confidence through powerful assurance and audit tools
  • Improves communication with instant access to project info
  • Delighted stakeholders: live info can be made available to sponsors and stakeholders
  • Flexible operation: use Browser app or Windows app
  • Fit for purpose: provides the tools used on typical projects
  • Cost effective: does not require consultancy support to set up