If you have tried out the Community Edition and or Planner you downloaded and decide they are not for you then you can easily uninstall them.  As responsible software providers we have provided easy to use uninstall tools.  You uninstall these separately so you can, for example, keep Planner and remove Community Edition if required.

Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Finding the Uninstaller

You have two choices for finding the uninstaller.  Firstly you could right click on your application in the start menu as shown here.

free PM software

Or alternatively you can go to the Control Panel and select Programmes and Features.  In this list you right click on the application you want to remove as shown below here.

free PM software

In both cases you then click Uninstall to start the process.

Step 2 – The uninstaller

Both the Planner and CE uninstallers work in the same way, firstly ensure you have the right location, this will usually be the default one shown.  You can then start the process by pressing Uninstall.

free PM software

Step 3 – Managing your data

Any data you have created with the tools during your use can also be deleted at the same time.  The Uninstaller reminds you of this and gives you the chance to save it first should you want to keep it.  Alternatively you can just continue and have the data removed as well.

free PM software

Step 4 – The application is removed.

Your software removal is quite quick and once it has completed you can close the uninstaller and continue with your day.  Thanks for trying our popular free project management software tools.

free PM Software