Collecting your risks is a start but you really need to do risk analysis to control your project.  Furthermore the same applies to your issues, your plans and cost information.   So just using a simple spreadsheet to collect risks and issues is a start but not much more than that.

Luckily for you there is a simple quick and free solution to your dilemma.  Planner helps you collect, analyse and manage your risks, issues, tasks and cost.  Furthermore Planner is free and you can download it right now if you want.  You can find out about the Planner capabilities for Risk analysis and Issue and task analysis in this YouTube video.

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The video shows how simple it is to access the pre-packaged analysis views. With Planner it gets even better because you can also create your own analysis views if you want.

Planner helps you deliver project management best practice

Planner lets you collect robust quality plan, risk and issue data.  You can personalize the formats if you want to.  So as a result matching your corporate standards is no problem.  Therefore many leading project management organisations use Planner to collect their risk and issues data.

You can then use the risk analysis tools to sort through large data volumes to find the key areas.  Filters and display setting put you in control of identifying the areas you need to focus on.  Once you have found those risks charts, print and export options help you communicate your findings.

You get the same capabilities with Issue analysis and can even move items from risk to issues and visa versa.  Uniquely to Planner you can also apply these filters and views to your task and cost information.

Download the risk analysis tool today

So, why don’t you download Planner today for free and get started with Risk analysis? You can read more about Planner here or just register and download it now.

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