Project Benefit Management

Good Project Benefit management is essential for a successful project.  In PIAB you manage your benefits in a spreadsheet benefits Register.xlsx  Your template will be in the Benefits Management document on projects built from methods which provide this.

To add or update your benefits simply check the Benefits register out and work on it using excel.  When you are finished just check it back in to make the updates available for reporting.

With the file checked out first look at the Information worksheet to see if any organisation specific guidance has been provided.  You can add new benefits and update other in the green area.

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Documenting your Benefit

The register will create a Benefit ID for you automatically once sufficient data is completed.

you select the benefit type from the picklist and then enter an appropriate measure.  Remember, if the benefit is financial this should be a value.

Next you need to provide a description and rate the benefit in its importance to the project (10 high, 1 low).

Then you will need to list any requirements that need to be in place for delivery of this benefit.  You then give details of how the benefit will be measured.

You can enter your Benefit information in stages if required.  Always complete your entry or update by setting the Status in the final column.

Other team members can add or update benefit data if you give them access to the register.  So sometimes you are just checking the data provided by the team.

The register should be updated to show progress once a Benefit is being actively worked on.  The Review and progress and Benefit Delivered columns can be used to document the progress made.  Note that if the Benefit is a financial one then Benefit Delivered should be a value.  You should also update your Status during this process.

Benefit Analysis

The register calculates statistics and generates charts as you enter or update the data. You will see this on the Benefits Register worksheet and those following it.

You check your register back into the project and the data will be loaded out into the properties database.  PIAB will then automatically update the reporting data held for that project. Your data will then be available for use in Dashboards, reports and other analysis at the project and portfolio levels.


Basic personalisation of the Benefit register is built in.  You can edit the Benefit types and Status used in the register, the Benefit Types worksheet is unlocked for that reason.  Usually an organisation decides which benefit categories they wish to use in the template.  You then lock this down with password protection to ensure consistency of data collection across their projects.

You can see more on personalisation here.