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Free Planning Software – Training videos

If you are already experienced with planning or risk/issue management software then you should find Planner pretty intuitive. Although we recognise that as the feature set grows in Planner you may need some help with the nitty gritty or if you are new to tools of this type, so with you in mind here are a comprehensive set of step by step video tutorials:

Overview Video brief overview of general use (10m)

1- Course intro Summary of functionality and how to get the most from the videos (16m)

2 – Admin and new file Creating a new file and basic administration of the application (12m)

3 – New Tasks How to add a new task and the essential details for it (7m)

4 – Task resourcing and costs the remainder of task information including costs and time (13m)

5 – Copying tasks and Summaries copying tasks and groups of tasks, summaries and expand/collapse (9m)

6 – Working with Views Using views and changing display parameters (13m)

7 – Editing and saving views modifying existing and creating your own views (14m)

8 – Importing/exporting and sharing tasks using right click for quick share and complete export (11m)

9 – Adding a new risk creating a new risk and rating it (8m)

10 – updating a risk and responses managing a risk once created including responses and comments (7m)

11 – Risk Analysis Views for risks the charts and analysis (7m)

12 – Sharing Risks right click for quick share and import/export arrangements (8m)

13 – Managing Issues Creating and updating Issues (9m)

14 – Issue Analysis and Sharing Using Views, charts and analysis and import/export of Issues (10m)

15 – Printing print options and printing formats (7m)

16 – 3.2 new features Cost model and user mgt (13m)

17 – 3.3 new features RAID, % complete

 As you can see your free Planning software does so much more with risks, issues and cost management included free as well.

Already experienced with an earlier version of Planner?

Many of you will have already been familiar with an earlier version of Planner and we have worked hard to make sure that the basics remain the same as we include the many new features users have been asking for.

With over two and a half hours of training here most people won’t want to plough through it all so if you are upgrading from version 3.0 we would encourage you to watch the overview then use sessions 4, 5, 6, 11 and 14 which is where most of the new capabilities lie.

Of course the more you know the more you will get from your free Planning software so why not work your way through them one a day and soon you will be making your Planner sing!