Free PRINCE2® materials

With so much PRINCE2 material available commercially it can often be difficult to research for free.  This page provides links to free PRINCE2 material we have come across on our on-line travels.

Key: R – Registration required, 5 –2005 material, G – German,

Free PRINCE2 videos and podcasts

The PRINCE2 2009 Overview

PRINCE2 in 100 seconds

Making PRINCE2 simple [5]

PRINCE2 in 90 seconds


Free PRINCE2 Presentations

Introduction to PRINCE2 [5]

Free PRINCE2 Process maps

PRINCE2 2005 process map [R]

The PRINCE2 Tube map site

PRINCE2 2005 Crazy Colour


The PRINCE2 Wiki

PRINCE2 – Wikipedia

Popular PRINCE2 Blogs

Learning Leader – Patrick Mayfield

PRINCE2 Exam Blog

Knowledge Train PRINCE2 Blog

Useful PRINCE2 Exams and tests

PRINCE2 Mini Quiz 10 qus[R]

PRINCE2 Mini Quiz 30 qus [R]

Foundation Exam pretest

Practitioner Exam pretest

Axelos Sample exam papers [R]

Free PRINCE2 Templates

These are the official PRINCE2 templates, provided by OGC free for your use, subject to noted conditions.  Available for PRINCE2 2005 and PRINCE2 2009.  These are the same templates that are packaged for free into our products:

Official OGC template packs [R]

Official Axelos templates in software [R]

Free PRINCE2 Software

It seems like there is only one choice, the world’s favourite PRINCE2 software with over 500,000 users:

PRINCE2 software for free

Free PRINCE2 software - Community Edition free project management software

About PRINCE2 exams

Because the PRINCE2 qualification structure has been changing, here you can find out the latest direct from Axelos themselves.   Therefore our resources include the Syllabus and sample papers alongside case studies. Since there are a number of options for taking your PRINCE2 exam it is best to understand which is best for you.  First of all, you could take the exam on-line.  Although it seems like most students take the exam with their training company.  Finally some take the exam at a public exam centre.  Here follow some other further info on the PRINCE2 exams:

Sample Foundation Questions

Sample Practitioner Questions

Maturity Model tools

Total Programme Control provide two great Maturity Model tools to help you check your maturity at implementing either PRINCE2 or Scrum-Agile.

Other Free PRINCE2 resources

PRINCE2 Glossary of Terms

White papers of PRINCE2 related topics including PRINCE2 Agile [R]

 PRINCE2 in practice

And finally a set of videos to show you the options for implementing PRINCE2 in practice.  Some of these options give free PRINCE2 and also others have a modest price associated with them.

PRINCE2 in practice – options

PRINCE2 in practice – free

£15 PRINCE2 in Practice

£124 PRINCE2 in practice

and finally… Free PRINCE2 planning software

You can also keep your PRINCE2 plans, risks and issues authentic with the Planner tool.  So, your free download is here.  We have also provided you with helpful guidance here:

Planner Task guidance

The Planner general guidance

Planner Risk guidance

Planner Issue Guidance

Benefit Guidance

Planner training programme – free