In our last blog post we looked at the project management maturity model P3M3. So in this post we are going to look at how to move up quickly from no or low maturity.  Our 3 PM Maturity quick wins can get you to a maturity level three in no time.

As we discussed in the first blog there are many ways to improve your score on the maturity model.  So the bid question is which ones should you choose?  Which ones offer the best fit and the best improvement for where you currently are in the model?  You should be asking yourself these questions to get the best results.

3 PM Maturity Quick Wins explained

PROJECT in a box have helped many organisations who have very low maturity, maybe 0 to 1 in the model. By applying these 3 PM Maturity quick wins we have helped most of them reach maturity level 3.  So how did we achieve this herculean task?

We did this by getting them to focus on the basic building blocks of project management maturity.  First of all, PROJECT in a box delivers the Consistency required for repeatable process. This is probably the most important aspect and yet opposite to the plan led approach of most PM tools.

Furthermore PROJECT in a box gives you strong Controls.  Strengthening your management and analysis of risks, issues, benefits, finances, resources and planning.  Finally providing you with Communications which save time rather than adding jobs to your day.  Especially relevant are Reporting and Notifications and reminders to keep the team in touch with developments.

The Video below takes you through these PM Maturity quick wins.  Remember you don’t need much, or any maturity at all, to take advantage of this.  By putting these strong foundations in place you will then be in a great position to add skills and cultural aspects of the model and achieve even higher maturity levels.

PM Maturity quick wins; prince2 software

You can watch this video tour on 3 PM Maturity Quick wins on our YouTube channel.  If you can’t use YouTube it can also be viewed directly here.

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