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PRINCE2 Software PRINCE2 Software PRINCE2 Software

PRINCE2 Templates

The current (PRINCE2 2009) official PRINCE2 template pack includes the following:

PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan

PRINCE2 Business Case

PRINCE2 Checkpoint Report

PRINCE2 Communications Management Strategy

PRINCE2 Configuration Item Record

PRINCE2 Configuration Management Strategy

PRINCE2 Daily Log

PRINCE2 End Project Report

PRINCE2 End Stage Report

PRINCE2 Exception Report

PRINCE2 Highlight Report

PRINCE2 Issue Log

PRINCE2 Issue Report

PRINCE2 Lessons Log

PRINCE2 Lessons Report


PRINCE2 Product Description

PRINCE2 Product Status Account

PRINCE2 Project Brief

PRINCE2 Project Initiation Documentation

PRINCE2 Project Product Description

PRINCE2 Quality Management Strategy

PRINCE2 Quality Register

PRINCE2 Risk Management Strategy

PRINCE2 Risk Register

PRINCE2 Work Package

Malcolm West of PROJECT in a box produced this PRINCE2 template pack which was then adopted as the official OGC/Cabinet Office Template Pack.  PROJECT in a box also produced the official template pack for the previous version of PRINCE2 (2005).

The pack is available for download and use from the Official PRINCE2 website, please note the licensing conditions which apply to use of these templates.

PRINCE2 Software and Templates for free

PROJECT in a box software includes this full set of PRINCE2 templates and also additional PRINCE2 checklists and appointment documents produced by the same author.

What's more the software enables you to collect your other project management documents, emails etc and provides configuration management capability for all this as your project progresses making it the perfect partner for authentic implementation.

Community Edition is completely free and provides you with both the PRINCE2 Resource Pack and also generic methodologies better suited for less complex projects.  This is widely used by PRINCE2 training organisations who give it to delegates as they recognise the benefits it brings in terms of simplifying the process of adopting and implementing PRINCE2.

You can register to download Community Edition for free right now or visit the Community Edition homepage to find out more about the world’s most popular PRINCE2 software.

Now you can also add the PRINCE2 Method  Template which contains the same templates but all structured into the processes you need with helpful guidance included too.  This is starting from just £15 for use on Community Edition.  Find out more.



Community Edition

All PROJECT in a box versions provide the PRINCE2 resource pack and the generic methodologies which are suitable for smaller less complex projects.  

Community Edition is free software to use as long as you want.  Download here.

PRINCE2 Method Template available as a commercial add on Find out More

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PRINCE2 Resources

The following links allow you to explore some of the PRINCE2 areas:


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