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PRINCE2 Software PRINCE2 Software PRINCE2 Software

Free PRINCE2 materials

With so much PRINCE2 material available commercially it can often be difficult to research for free.  This page provides links to free PRINCE2 material we have come across on our on-line travels.

Key: R - Registration required, 5 -2005 material, G - German,

Free PRINCE2 videos and podcasts

PRINCE2 2009 Overview

PRINCE2 made simple [5]

PRINCE2 in 90 seconds

PRINCE2 Refresh Podcast [R]

Free PRINCE2 Presentations

PRINCE2 at SlideWorld (multiple files)

Introduction to PRINCE2 [5]

Free PRINCE2 Process maps

PRINCE2 2009 process map [R]

PRINCE2 2005 process map [R][5]

PRINCE2 Tube map site

PRINCE2 2005 Crazy Colour [5]

Free PRINCE2 forum


PRINCE2 Forum - Xing [G][R]

Free PRINCE2 Wiki

PRINCE2 - Wikipedia

Free PRINCE2 Blog

Malcolm West Blog

Learning Leader - Patrick Mayfield

PRINCE2 Exam Blog

Knowledge Train PRINCE2 Blog

Free PRINCE2 Exams and tests

PRINCE2 Mini Quiz 10 qus[R]

PRINCE2 Mini Quiz 30 qus [R]

Foundation Exam pretest [R]

Practitioner Exam pretest [R]

Free PRINCE2 Templates

These are the official PRINCE2 templates, provided by OGC free for your use, subject to noted conditions.  Available for PRINCE2 2005 and PRINCE2 2009.  These are the same templates that are packaged for free into our products:

Official OGC template packs

Official OGC templates in software

Free PRINCE2 Software

The world’s favourite PRINCE2 software with over 100,000 users:

PRINCE2 software for free

About PRINCE2 exams

There are two types of PRINCE2 qualifications, the PRINCE2 Foundation and the PRINCE2 Practitioner, click links to find out about them.  If you study alone you can sit the exam at one of the public examinations centres.  Here follow some other further info on the PRINCE2 exams:

Video of PRINCE2 Chief Examiner

Sample Foundation Questions

Sample Practitioner Questions

Other Free PRINCE2 resources

CUPE Project Doctor - free review

PRINCE2 Glossary of Terms [R]

Common causes of project failure [R]

P3M3 Maturity Model [R]

Comparing PRINCE2 and DSDM Atern

PRINCE2 Cross Reference from AFA

PRINCE2 case study suffolk CC

PRINCE2 Glossary

PRINCE2 Conversion

Differences 2005 to 2009

PRINCE2 slides from launch event


Free Materials

All PROJECT in a box versions provide the PRINCE2 resource pack and the generic methods which are suitable for smaller less complex projects.  

Community Edition is free software to use as long as you want.  Download here.

With the commercial packages you can also personalise/customise your methods.

Click for more info Click for more info Click for more info Click for more info

Product Focus (click icon for full info)

free project management tools Planner

PRINCE2 Resources

The following links allow you to explore some of the PRINCE2 areas:


PRINCE2 Method Template

PRINCE2 Resource Pack

PRINCE2 free stuff

PRINCE2 methodology

PRINCE2 projects

PRINCE2 exam

PRINCE2 practitioner

PRINCE2 templates

PRINCE2 Self Study

Or why not find out more about other project and programme methodologies:

Methods for less complex projects

Managing Successful Programmes

Praxis framework

DSDM Atern/Agile

Proposal Preparation


Custom/bespoke methodologies