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PRINCE2 Software PRINCE2 Software PRINCE2 Software

Community Edition provides you with the PRINCE2© Resource Pack and DSDM Atern and generic methods for less complex projects. All built into structured processes, to help keep your practices authentic.  It is a fully portable product so you can take it with you on a USB stick and of course it is totally free.......

prince2 software

Free to Register, Download and Use

Community Edition and Planner are both completely free for you to download and use as long as you want.  This is not a trial and they require no licence key so they won’t timeout on you just as you need them!

Community Edition and Planner are both bundled into the same installer, so you only need to register once to get both of them.  When you run the installer you can decide whether you want to install both, either or patch one etc.

So register now and we will send you an email with download instructions and you could be using these valuable tools within five minutes.

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Community Edition Features

The following links allow you to explore some of the key Community Edition features in more detail:


Methods for less complex projects

Praxis Framework

DSDM Atern

PPP Methodology

MSP® Methodology (optional)

Document Management


Multi Lingual Interfaces

Planner - included free

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Community Edition

Planner is the perfect companion planning tool making it simple to layout, schedule your projects and even resource them. Then share the files with anyone you want.  Easy to pick up and use even if you haven’t used MS Project before...if you have..well it’s like MS Project made easy......

Can’t use YouTube?  Don’t worry you can see the same into video direct from our website here too:

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