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Question of the month - June 2011

06/28/11 | by Malcolm West [mail] | Categories: News, Software, DSDM Atern

As you might expect with well over 60,000 users of Community Edition and 1,000 plus commercial customers we are often being asked questions about new features or methodologies and we thought we might share some of these with you by including one each month on our newsletter and also in our social media streams.  We are interested in what you think so please let us know or if you have a question you would like us to ask.......contact us.

The June Question relates to PMBOK the project management framework from the PMI and is asked by one of our existing corporate customers wanting to roll PROJECT in a box out into a PMBOK dominated environment overseas:

'What have peoples experiences been of implementing their own method template into a PMI/PMBOK environment?  How extensively have method templates had to be tailored to reflect the language and framework differences in the new environments?  What were the lessons learned?'

If you have experience in this area we would love to know and put you in touch to pass it on.

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work"- Peter Drucker. and plans are in them selves just a small part of what is required to enable the project to be delivered successfully. We are exploring the project environment, the people, policies, methods, tools and externalities which affect how projects get delivered in practice.


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