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MSP Licensed Product

03/09/11 | by Malcolm West [mail] | Categories: Software, PRINCE2, MSP

A republish of the Original MSP post. 

Since January (2010) we have been providing our MSP Method Template as an Official Licensed Product under the OGC/APMG Licensing scheme.  Our MSP Method Template is the first product to go through the scheme for MSP and also the first software product to be approved, seeing us again setting the benchmark for others to achieve.

So whats in a name? The Licensing scheme tells you two things firstly that the contents are official authentic materials and secondly that they are reproduced accurately and in a way which adds value to them.  The process required us to provide our product which was then reviewed in detail by an appropriate assessor, in this case an MSP trainer and examiner.

So what does the MSP Method Template include? A standard PROJECT in a box method template  it provides a navigation structure based on diagrams from the MSP manual following the transformational flow process model but also supporting the principles and governance themes.  At every step guidance is provided and taken directly from the manual and supported by templates created by our team (the same authors who produced the official PRINCE2 template pack).  When taken in totality, something very easily navigated via the Library feature the method template includes 95% of the MSP Manual. 

 So how can you use it? The MSP Method Template comes provided as standard in PROJECT in a box Enterprise Edition and can be purchased as an add on for Community Edition or Personal Version (just £75) or for Small Team Edition £500.  Once added to your software you can create as many programmes with it as you want and you can also personalise it to the needs of your organisation (except on Community Edition where it is fixed).

So what did the reviewer say? "This is a product designed to provide programme teams with a convenient and effective documentation management system.  In addition it provides all the guidance from the MSP® book in a convenient mechanism and in a single place.  Overall it is a useful addition to the armoury of the programme office team and would provide a good basis on which to develop the documentation for a programme."

So what effect has it had? Since being available as an official licensed product sales of the MSP method template have trebled showing the value customers attribute to having official materials rather than a vendors loose interpretation of a method designed to get them around paying licence fees. It also means we are able to proudly display the Swirl logo for MSP on our website and associated products.

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work"- Peter Drucker. and plans are in them selves just a small part of what is required to enable the project to be delivered successfully. We are exploring the project environment, the people, policies, methods, tools and externalities which affect how projects get delivered in practice.


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