Community Edition and Planner on Mono

PROJECT in a box Community Edition and Planner are .NET programs, aimed at Windows PCs. We are looking for help from our users to get PROJECT in a box Community Edition and Planner working on Mono so it can be used on other devices, especially Mac OS X. Currently, our users tend to use 'Parallels' to use our software on the Mac, which appears to work well by all reports. 'Parallels' is commerical software that runs Windows applications on the Mac:

By the way, our commerical software (PROJECT in a box Small Team and Enterprise Edition) is client-server and has a browser-interface as well as a client. If you want to try that on your device, please let us know and we can set you up with an account on our hosted server. We are working on version of the web-client that is tuned to small-screen devices, so we would be delighted to hear your feedback.

  • Contact Us: mailto://enquiries@projectinabox.org.uk?subject=Try Mobile Interface

What We Would Like You to Do

We would like you to install Mono on your Mac, download the portable version of Community Edition and Planner (below), try it out, and let us know how it goes. If helpful, we can offer web-meetings to have a look at your setup and help you through any problems. Then we would like you to help us write documentation to help other users to get up and running as smoothly as we can.

About Mono

Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework that has been implemented on various Windows and non-Windows platforms. You can read more about Mono and download it from here:

Community Edition Downloads

Our standard installer for Community Edition and Planner is itself a Windows setup.exe, so as an alternative we have provided a zip file (below) that contains the software in a single folder and working in Portable Mode. 'Portable Mode' means that all the application's software and data files are kept under one folder, with nothing installed in system locations. So you can choose where to place it on your device. We have also provided a link to the Windows installer for Community Edition and Planner. This will only work on a Windows PC, but you can use it to prepare the files to port to your Mac.

Contact Us

Contact Us

  • mailto://enquiries@projectinabox.org.uk?subject=PIAB on Mono
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