KB0000340 Translation and Localisation

Filepaths for Localised Files

The main translation files, piabws.txt and piabpe.txt for server and client respectively, are kept in the following folder:

[install folder]\etc\clientsupportfiles\locale\[locale string]\


C:\PROJECT in a box Professional\etc\clientsupportfiles\locale\nl-be\piabpe.txt
C:\PROJECT in a box Professional\etc\clientsupportfiles\locale\nl-be\piabws.txt

For other support files e.g. localised XSL files, RAG icons etc. the principle is that whenever a localised file is needed, the program will look for a sibling 'locale' folder, then for a child folder with name of the locale string e.g. 'locale\nl-be', and then look in there for the localised file. E.g. the Browser App's customisable header content is kept these two locations, the first in English, the second in nl-be and the third in fr-be:

[install folder]piabws\customcontent\include-header.inc
[install folder]piabws\customcontent\locale\nl-be\include-header.inc
[install folder]piabws\customcontent\locale\fe-be\include-header.inc

If PIAB can't fine a localised version of the file, it will then look for the generic language folder if it can't find the specific one, i.e. 'locale\nl'

If PIAB still can't find anything, then it will use the original English one.

Current Localised Locations

Current localised locations are:

[install folder]\etc\clientsupportfiles\locale\

This contains the main client and server translation files, piabpe.txt and piabws.txt respectively.

[install folder]\piabws\locale\

This contains localised files for the web application that are not normally modified by end-users, e.g. strings.js, which has localised javascript text.

[install folder]\piabws\customcontent\locale\

This contains localised files for customisable content in the web application, e.g. include files for web page headers, footers, welcome message and other text panels that an end-user would expect to customise. Also contains RAG icon images for the web pages (e.g. project status flags) and XSL stylesheets for web applications.

[install folder]\etc\clientsupportfiles\locale\

This contains localised files for the client that might be customised by the end user e.g. XSL stylesheets for reports and associated support files such as RAG icon files. Also RAG icon files for display in the client itself, and other images e.g. explorer icons.

Translating Project Properties

Project property columns names are translated but only if the property is actually defined in Admin/System Properties or Admin/Other Project Properties available in the Windows App. Other rules that apply are:

  • In the translation file the code is based on the display text of the property rather than its ID
  • The translation code has a namespace prefix of 'property_'

For example the property with ID 'Benefit_Status' has a display name of 'Benefit Status'. Or you could optionally set to something else. The correct translation code is then 'property_Benefit Status'.

As another example one of our standard properties is 'status', which is actually the project status. This is normally defined to display as 'Project Status'. So the correct translation code to use is 'display_Project Status'.

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