KB0000180 Server Folder Permissions

Default Permission Requirements

The following table shows the PROJECT in a box server folders and the default users and permissions required. If you are using a non-standard pattern, e.g. a different user for the ASP.NET work process, or non-default path locations, then please modify the folder security settings accordingly.

FolderDefault LocationUserPermission
Doc Folder[install folder]\docIIS_IUSRSread, write
Server etc folder[install folder]\etcIIS_IUSRSmodify
Browser App Hub Temp Folder[install folder]\piabws\tempIIS_IUSRSmodify
Browser App Custom Content[install folder]\piabws\customcontentIIS_IUSRSmodify
Method Template Folder[install folder]\template2.0IIS_IUSRSmodify
Export Folder[install folder]\piabws\tempIIS_IUSRSmodify
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