KB0000240 Installing the Client in Portable Mode

By default, the PIAB Desktop App (Client) setup will install the app in a conventional mode that puts user-specific files into the user's non-roaming profile. This article explains how to install in an alternative Portable Mode, where all the user-specific files are kept within the installation folder.

The main steps involve:

  1. Installing to a chosen folder (other than the default Program Files)
  2. Calling the piabpe.exe program using the correct command line switches

The command line switches are described here: KB0000033 Client Command Line Options

1. Choose an Install Folder

Identify or create a folder on the client PC where you will install the PIAB Desktop App. In this example we choose C:\temp1. You must have read, write and modify access to this folder. Note that by default PIAB installs within Program Files - portable mode will not work there because your user does not typically have write access to that folder.

2. Take a Copy of an existing PROJECT in box Shortcut

If you have another copy of the PIAB Desktop App already installed, and you want to run them side-by-side, then take a copy of your existing PROJECT in a box desktop shortcut. The installer will add a desktop shortcut, and this will overwrite any existing one.

3. Run the Client Setup

Run the client setup installer, and at the Choose Install Location screen, choose C:\temp1

Check that the install files are in place:

4. Edit the Desktop Shortcut

The installer will add a shortcut to piabpe.exe on the desktop. Edit this to change the command line switches:

  1. Ordered List ItemRight click and select Properties
  2. Remove the flags /config /l

5. Check the Folders

  1. Run the PIAB Windows App from the shortcut
  2. Select Options > Special Folders
  3. Verify that all folders sit within temp1

Open the temp1 folder to view the user's files with in the local folder e.g.

  • clientsupportfiles
  • clienttemplatefiles
  • My Documents
  • temp

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