KB0000260 Configuring Windows Search


Windows Search replaces the 'Windows Indexing Service' on Windows XP and Server 2003. This topic describes how to configure Windows Search to work with PIAB.

Applies To

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008
  • PIAB 2.8


  • 'Windows Search' installed.


1. Open the Windows Control Panel and switch to 'Small icon' view.

2. Select 'Indexing Options'.

3. In the 'Indexing Options' form, click 'Modify'.

4. In the 'Indexed Locations' form, select the PIAB 'doc' folder to include in the index e.g. C:\Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\doc

5. Click OK and exit the Indexing Options form.

6. Ensure that the PIAB server config file 'piabws.cfg' is set to use 'Windows Search' as follows:

    <!-- "indexingservice" or "windowsearch" -->

    <!-- Protection for too-general searches -->

    <!-- Optional Override Defaults for Service Provider -->

The 'protectionthreshold' setting is a limiter for the server to prevent users making searches that return a very large set of results and degrade server performance. This setting can be tightened or relaxed to suit your setup.

7. Set up .piabx and .spn File Searching

The piabx and spn extensions can be added to windows search, and set to search content (not just properties). It uses a plain text filter.

  • Click the Advanced button
  • Add the types 'piabx' and 'spn' and set them to read properties AND contents

Using a Remote Server

If your 'doc' store folder is located on a remote sver, then Windows Search has a facility to query remote indexes, but at the time of writing there have been reports of problems implementing this. Currently we do not recommend this configuration, but we provide the following functionality:

In the 'piabws.cfg' file you can optionally specify a remote server and remote share as follows:

    <!-- "indexingservice" or "windowsearch" -->
    <!-- Windows Search: Options for reading an index on a remote share. -->

    <!-- Optional Override Defaults for Service Providers -->

Windows Search Connection String

The OleDb Connection String for Windows Search is:

Provider=Search.CollatorDSO;Extended Properties='Application=Windows';
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