Release Notes

Applies to: Small Team and Enterprise Edition Build 1

Release Date 19/6/2018

  • Fix for issue where users with R/W permissions on a file couldn't email it from the Browser App.
  • Fix for intermittent issue in Projects.aspx in the Browser App where the correct navigation diagram was sometimes not being displayed, probably due to cascading Ajax calls when switching between projects in the form.
  • Fix for an issue in the Windows App, Explorer/Document panel, where in 'Simple' view (depending on user permissions) the whole 'Document' panel is disabled, including the link to switch to 'Advanced' view. Build 1

Release Date 10/5/2018

  • Added template '4stepPM-2018-imethod'
  • Added protection for previewing large files in the browser
  • Fix to deal with the effects of setting an unusual custom system short date format Build 1

Release Date 4/5/2018

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