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This section provides an overview of patching a PROJECT in a box client-server installation from Version 4.4 to Version 5.0. Please note that patches must be applied incrementally e.g. if your installation is at Version 4.2 you must patch to 4.3 then 4.4 and so on. All downloads are available from your client page.


PROJECT in a box (PIAB) is a .NET and SQL Server client-server application, with Windows Desktop App and Browser App user interfaces. Broadly, patching involves these operations:

  • Backing up your current instance, both files and database, to ensure you can rollback and also you have a complete copy of any content you may have customised e.g. browser styles or static content
  • Running the patch installer on the server to deliver the files
  • Running SQL patches on the SQL database to update the schema
  • Testing
  • Deploying the Windows Desktop App ('Client') to remote users who require it

An important consideration is whether you want to retain customisations/personalisations of static data and look-and-feel e.g. Browser App colours and other styles, welcome text etc. By default the patch installer option 'Update Custom Content' is selected - this attempts to update custom content as best it can while retaining your original choices. But it can only do this to some extent and some manual editing may be required after install.

The alternative is 'Reset Custom Content' which will apply a fresh set of content, which will overwrite your customisations. However, since you have backed up your system before patching, this can be recovered if necessary.

Changes in this Version

Please review the changes in this version: What's New in Version 5.0


The default location of the web application folder is:

Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\piabws

Out-of-date files are written to the 'saved' folder during the patch run.

A log of the patch is kept in a timestamped file e.g.



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