KB0000250 Configuring the 'Simple' Search Interface


The 'Simple' search interface is the built-in search mechanism in PIAB. It uses an internal SQL search and does not rely on external Windows service. This topic describes how to configure the interface.

Applies To

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008
  • PIAB 2.8


  • PIAB Installed


In the server config file 'piabws.cfg' set the interface type to 'simple' as in the following example:

   <!-- "simple", "indexingservice" or "windowssearch" -->
   <!-- Protection for too-general searches -->

The 'protectionthreshold' setting is a limiter for the server to prevent users making search that return a very large set of results and degrade server performance. This setting can be tightened or relaxed to suit your setup.

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