Release Notes

Applies to: Small Team and Enterprise Edition Build 1

Release Date 2018-01-30

  • Various translation updates and fixes
  • Update to MPXJ V7.0.2 for reading .msp files
  • Added option to disable 'ping keep-alive' on the browser app
  • Fix to a bug in issue cost and time totals, seen where there are no issue responses in the plan
  • Fix to 'show table' option in Resource Charts
  • New 2017 template set included by default Build 1

Release Date 2017-09-29

  • Fix to process diagram in Windows App: project reports should not be available from the process diagram for users without modify permissions Build 1

Release Date 2017-09-20

  • Various minor translation fixes
  • Fix for Portfolio Report Project Property Error. When the Exclude Project Name feature was used, it could raise an error when a total row was present
  • In 5.0 the Project Property View Options Form now has a Totals button that allows the user to configure totals in fine detail. This form looks identical to the parent form, which can be confusing. So now it opens offset to one side, to make it a clearer that it is actually a second form
  • Fix the to Reset Admin Password utility in the Server Mangement Tool
  • Improvement to the Move File function, which retained its to location between calls. This was found to be confusing to some users. Now it is cleared on each call
  • Fix to Drag and Drop from Outlook to Word with Outlook 2016
  • Fix to the Collaboration form to handle long titles and long linked filenames in the Windows App
  • Fix to the custom date format in the Collaboration form Build 1

Release Date 2017-07-13

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