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There are several options for deploying the PIAB client:

Option Description
Installed Client Uses a conventional setup.exe
Run-Once Client Uses a self-executing zip file, for web-deployment, one-time or occasional use
Portable Client Uses a self-executing zip file, for installing on a USB key
Custom Client Installer The client setup.exe packaged with local customisations

Installed Client

From Version 3.3, this is the recommended way to deploy the client. This uses the conventional client installer setup.exe (e.g. piabpe-client- to install the client to the normal 'Program Files' location. This normally requires local Administrator permissions.

The client installer setup.exe program is available from your client page on the PIAB website, and by default is available for download from the Enteprise Hub 'Resources' web page.

After install you will normally need to configure the client for your setup e.g. set the server URL, client options etc. Also you can specify some install options using command line arguments and supply a setup.ini file plus other custom supporting files.


  • Simple to use
  • Installs in the conventional location on the client PC.
  • Adds a conventional desktop shortcuts, Start menu items, and an uninstaller.


  • Requires local Administrator permissions.
  • Has to configured after install e.g. for the server URL.

Please see: KB0000063 Setting Installed Client Options.

Web-Deployment Clients ('Run-Once' and 'Portable')

Using a set of scripts you can package the client for deployment via a web page. There are two types of deployment:

  1. 'Run-Once Client', this is downloaded and unpacked to a temporary location on a user's PC. Good for one-time or occasional users.
  2. 'Portable Client', this is for deployment to a removable device e.g. a USB key, that a user can take from PC to PC. Good for roaming users.

The PIAB client is a .NET 'Files-Only' system, and so can be easily deployed directly from a web page e.g. the PIAB Enterprise Hub or your intranet. The advantage over using the conventional installer is that you can pre-load the client with your choice of settings e.g. server URL and client options.


  • Can be customised with local settings e.g. server URL.
  • Can be customised using the PIAB 'Server Management Tool' GUI.
  • Does not normally require local Administrator permissions.
  • The Portable Client has all its files within a single folder.


  • Requires configuration
  • Cannot add desktop shortcuts or uninstaller

Please see: KB0000061 Configuring the Download Clients

Custom Setup (Advanced)

For advanced users who are are prepared to edit and run command scripts, we have also provided a sub-system for packaging up the conventional setup.exe client installer together with local customisation files, into a single self-executing zip file that can be deployed in a similar way to the 'Run-Once' and 'Portable' clients.


  • Customisable.
  • Installs in a conventional location on the client PC.
  • Adds conventional desktop shortcuts, Start menu items and an uninstaller.


  • Requires the use of manual command scripts for customisation and creation.

Please see: KB0000064 Custom Client Installer

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