KB0000030 Configure Email (SMTP) on the Server


The PROJECT in a box Server can be set up to send email via SMTP. This is used for two purposes:

  1. 'Watches' i.e. automatic alerts that can be created to notify users of document activity.
  2. Sending email via the PIAB client or Enterprise Hub e.g. when the user's email client is not available or using email clients other than Microsoft Outlook.

Configuring SMTP Settings

  1. Run the 'PROJECT in a box Server' program.
  2. Go to the 'Watches' tab.
  3. Check the 'Enabled' checkbox.
  4. Fill in following SMTP settings.

Field Typical Value Description
From no-reply@mydomain.com 'from' address
Subject Message from PIAB Email subject
Heading Alert from PROJECT in a box First line of email body
SMTP Server Server name or IP Address
SMTP Port 25 Port Number
SMTP Timeout 20000 Timeout in ms
SMTP User For explicit login to the SMTP Server
SMTP Password Password
Enable SSL No Use SSL for transport
Enable Synchronous No Normally email is sent asyncronously
Admin Email This setting allows you send email alerts to a specific user to alert to user activity e.g. login, view file etc. Leave this blank to disable this function.
Admin Log Codes 1 E.g. 1=login, 100=view file.

Additional Settings

There are additional settings available in the piabws.config file if you wish to fine-tune the email settings. These elements specify the default subject and message text to use in the email client.

  <checkout_subject>Checkout File from PROJECT in a box</checkout_subject>
  <checkout_message>Please review the attached file(s).</checkout_message>
  <view_subject>File(s) from PROJECT in a box</view_subject>
  <view_message>Please see the attached file(s).</view_message>
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