What's New in Version 5.0

New Features

This video walks through the new features in 5.0 https://youtu.be/VDp1w6xsGFo

  • Collaboration threads
  • Multi Portfolio Reports
  • Interactive Calendar and Milestone timelines
  • Search Extensions
    • Search collaboration threads
    • Advanced Query Syntax for searching file content
  • Issue Impact recording and analysis
    • Issue cost, time and quality collected in planner and available in reports
  • Idea Management process
    • Collect a funnel of ideas for projects (Demand Mangement). Score and rank them. Then progress them through the approval gate into a live project. Supported by methods, templates and reporting that you can customise.
  • Actuals data reporting
    • Actual time spent data recorded in Planner feeds new project properties and can also be extracted through PIAB as project or portfolio level data sets to feed your project cost control activities
  • 'Planner Live' in browser
    • Checkout and edit PROJECT in a box Planner files (.spn) directly via the Browser App
    • Import multiple resources directly from the PIAB user database
  • Planner App additions
    • New Calendar, Milestone timeline views
    • Plan progress to date, Issue impact metrics and task progress stats.
    • New task, risk and issue status and commentary properties.
  • Browser App extensions
    • Drag and drop multi file with add or replace capability.
    • Collaboration threads and other capabilities previously only in the Windows App.

New Technical Features

PIAB 5.0 uses the .NET Framework 4.5.1, which includes new security features especially in the Browser App. There is built-in checking in IIS for cross-site scripting which attempts to protect against injection of malicious html markup and scripting codes entered into web forms. In some cases users may legitimately want to include html in certain text fields, and we have included exceptions for some of these. However, it is possible (but not recommended) to revert to not checking, using values in the web.config file.

See KB0000420 Web.Config File for more details.

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