KB0009023 Error Uploading a Method Template


When using the PROJECT in a box client to upload a method template to the server, you receive an error.


There can be a number of causes for upload errors, as described in the following sections. Please take a note of the error message you get, and diagnose with the following information.


If you get a message such as:

The Operation has Timed-Out

This indicates that the large file has taken too long to upload, and the web server has aborted the upload. You many need to increase the connection timeout in the client.

  1. Open the 'Options' form.
  2. Select the 'Connection' tab.
  3. In the 'Web Server' box, increase the Timeout value e.g. to 180 (3 minutes).

Server Rejects a Large File

If you get one of the following messages, this indicates that the file is too large for the web server…

The request Failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found


Maximum Request Length Exceeded

In this case, IIS webserver can be configured to accept larger files. Please see KB0009004 Error When Uploading Large Files.

Insufficient Permissions on the template2.0 Folder

If you get an error message such as…

Access to the path <somepath> is denied 

…then this may indicate that the web application does not have 'modify' permission on the 'template2.0' folder, which is the destination for the template. You will need to change the folder permissions on the server to allow the application to have the correct permissions.

  1. On the server, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the 'PROJECT in box Professional\template2.0' folder.
  2. Right-click on the folder, and select 'Properties'
  3. Select the 'Security' tab and edit the folder permission to allow the web-application user to have 'modify' permissions on the folder.

The web server normally runs as the following user (although please note that these are the defaults, and may have been configured differently on your system).

OS Default Web Application User
Windows 2008 Server IIS_IUSRS
Windows 2000 Server %machinename%\ASPNET

Problems with Deleting Shortcut .URL Files

If you get an error message that specifically refers to a URL shortcut file (*.url) for example…

Access to the path <somepath>\<somefile>.URL is denied 

…this indicates a known system problem with Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP. For more information please see KB0009017 Uploading a modified template fails with 'Access denied'.

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