KB0009016 Problem Reading Data from Excel 2007 .xlsx Spreadsheet

Applies to: Excel 2007 .xlsx files


You add an Excel 2007 .xlsx spreadsheet to a project and try to extract data from it to a project report. You receive and error message such as:

No worksheet with this name was found in the workbook.


This may be caused by 'phantom' links to other Excel workbooks that are not open or available. This can occur for a number of reasons, mostly by copying worksheets or blocks of cells from one workbook to another.


  1. Select the 'Formulas' ribbon then 'Name Manager'
  2. Under 'Defined Names', check the 'Refers To' column to make sure none of the names are referencing a different workbook.
  3. Delete unwanted references.

Also you should check for explicit references in formulas to other workbooks by searching for '[*]'

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