KB0009009 Microsoft Office 2003 Issues

From Version 2.3, PIAB is configured to work with Microsoft Office 2010/2007 by default. If you are using Microsoft Office 2003 then you may need either turn off an option in the PIAB client or install some client components.


When viewing or checking out a file you may see the message:

Error applying MS Word Properties: (mso.clsword.setproperty). 


Could not apply the MS Office Properties to the Document.
Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word 
Version= ...

Quick Answer

The quick answer is to:

  1. In the PIAB client, go to Options, 'General' tab.
  2. Turn off the option 'Use Title Field in MS Office Documents'.

This means that when you open a Word document that has e.g. the file name (and version number) in the header, it won’t be updated on screen immediately. However it will update when you print it, and/or you can update it manually.

Adding Office 2003 Support

As of Version, the option to support the above functions in Office 2003 is included in the client installer.

  1. Run the patch or installer (for an existing/new install respectively)
  2. Select 'Custom' install
  3. At the 'Choose Components' form, select 'Office 2003 Support' (and nothing else if making a change to an existing installation)
  4. Finish installing

N.B. You may also need to install the 'Microsoft Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies', although they may already be installed. (see below for details).

How PIAB Interacts with Microsoft Office

PIAB works with Microsoft Office on the client in the following ways:

  1. There is an option to use the file name as a field in a Word document header (or anywhere else), and make sure it is updated automatically when viewed or checked-out. This means the file name including the version can be seen clearly within the text of the document. See “Options | General | Use Title Field in MS Office Documents”
  2. Ability to create Outlook emails directly from the client e.g. check out to email, copy to email etc.

Technical Details

PROJECT in a box 2.3 has been developed to work by default with Office 2007. To make it work with Office 2003 requires the following changes:

1. An updated version of the file 'mso.dll', adapted to work with with Office 2003. If not using the client installer to carry out this change, you can download the DLL directly from:


This file goes on the client in the folder:

PROJECT in a box Professional\bin\mso.dll

You can see which version of the mso.dll you have by right-clicking the file, selecting 'Properties' and the 'Version' tab.

mso.dll Version Description Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Office 2003

2. The Microsoft Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies need to be installed on the client PC. This allows interactions between .NET programs and Microsoft Office. You may have these installed already for other reasons. See the Downloads section below.


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