KB0009007 Troubleshooting Install on a Desktop

Default User and Password

After install, the default user is “Admin” and the password is “admin”. We suggest you change your password soon after install.

Default Server Address

The default server address for the client is:


and for the browser ('Enterprise Hub') is:


'localhost' Stopped Working?

Sometimes we have seen the 'localhost' address not working on Vista, normally after some Window update. The symptom is a long wait when you try to log in, followed by a message saying the server cannot be contacted.

Try changing the Server URL string from



Licence Key Problems?

If you have licenced your copy of PROJECT in a box, but when you log in it gives a message saying there is a problem with the licence, this is most likely caused by Vista's 'Virtual Store'. This is a shadow copy of your Program Files folder. It is security feature in Vista but it can cause programs to malfunction. The location of the 'Virtual Store' is:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files

where [USERNAME] is your Windows login name. Here is what do to.

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\
  • Open 'Program Files'
  • If you find a 'PROJECT in a box Professional' folder in this 'Virtual Store' location then delete it.
  • Relicence your software.

Run as Administrator

Because of the new security features in Vista, you must run installers as “Administrator”. Even if you are logged in as a local Administrator, programs normally run with ordinary user permissions unless you say otherwise. Simply right click on the installer and select “Run as Administrator”.

Don't uninstall...

If you have a problem, we don't recommend that you uninstall/reinstall as this is unlikely to fix any problems and is time-consuming. Problems are usually quick to fix - have a look at the sections below or please contact us with whatever symptoms you are getting.

After install, can't login


After setting up the Personal Version on Vista, you can't login and get a message about not connecting to the database.


We have provided a program to help you diagnose and fix problems with your installation. Please run the PROJECT in a box Server program (right click on the shortcut and set to run as Administrator):

  1. Select the “Database” tab
  2. Check that the SQL Server is “(local)\sqlexpress”
  3. Click Test Connection - is the connection OK?
  4. Click Show Databases - is the “piab” database listed there?

If these checks are not OK, then please contact us with the symptoms. We can arrange a remote support session to get you up and running ASAP.

If these checks are OK:

  1. Go to the “Add Account to Database” section of the “Database” tab
  2. Select “Personal Web Server”
  3. Click “Add Account”

Try logging using the PROJECT in a box client:

  1. In the login box click Start Personal Web Server
  2. Check that the Server URL is: http://localhost:8080/piabws/piabws.asmx

Personal Web Server

PROJECT in a box comes with a Personal Web Server (PWS), because many people don't have the Microsoft IIS Web Server activated on their PCs. This runs as a normal program, with an icon in your “Notification Area” next to the taskbar.

The installer puts a shortcut in your “Start | All Programs | Startup” folder so that the Personal Web Server starts when you login, like this:

C:\...\piabpws.exe "C:\...\piabws" 8080 /piabws

If you want to change the port that the PWS runs on from the default 8080, then you can edit the shortcut to suit.

Lost Admin Password

To reset your Admin password back to the default value of 'admin':

  • Run the ‘PROJECT in a box Server’ program (if you are on Vista you must right-click the shortcut and set to ‘Run as Administrator’)
  • Select the ‘Database2’ tab.
  • Go to the ‘Reset Admin Password’ panel.
  • Click ‘Reset Admin Password’

Personal Firewalls and Security Software

If you have a personal firewall or other security software installed (e.g. ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security) then that can stop PIAB from working by blocking traffic between the client and server parts of PIAB - even though they are on the same PC.

Norton is particularly strong in blocking traffic - even if you are only using Norton for Anti-Virus protection it can run 'Intrusion Protection' software that can disrupt traffic. If you experience problems logging on, or running Enterprise hub then please disable the 'Intrusion Protection' part of Norton, or consult your Norton documentation to allow PIAB as an exception.

Suspicious Activity Filter

We have found that the 'Suspicious Activity Filter' in Norton causes intermittent connection problems.

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