KB0009004 Error When Uploading Large Files


You can't upload or view a large file. You may get an error such as:

The request Failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found 


Error Message: There was an exception running 
the extensions specified in the config file. 
Maximum request length exceeded.

Cause and Solution

The IIS webserver is set to limit the size of requests, including file uploads and downloads. This is to protect the network and server in shared environments, and is configurable. The configuration depends on which version of IIS is in use.

By default, IIS sets a maximum content length in bytes. To change this you will need to edit the web.config file for the PIAB web application.

  1. On the server, go to the web application folder e.g.
    Program Files\PROJECT in a box professional\piabws
  2. Edit the file 'web.config'

Find, or add, the following sections within '<configuration>' section, to increase the limit to e.g. 100MBytes…

 <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="100000"/>

    <requestFiltering allowDoubleEscaping="true">
       <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="100000000"/>
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